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Dealing with the Anxiety of Coronavirus

The world is in chaos right now. People are trying to balance caring for their children while working from home, bars and movie theaters are closed, and millions have temporarily lost their source of income. Life can seem a little bit bleak these days. Many people are struggling to cope with these changes and it’s taking a toll on their mental health. Coronavirus has certainly changed the way we do things from day to day, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Although your anxiety may be running high, there are some good things that you can focus on! For the first time in ages, life altogether has slowed way down. Remember your grandmother or grandfather reminiscing about days gone by? When folks would sit on their front porches as the sun set and the kids played in the dirt? That way of life is making a come back! For those that aren’t working right now, they can focus on their families and building on those relationships.

Let’s face it: we live in 2020 and everything is tech, tech, tech. We always have tiny computers attached to our bodies and it can be difficult to live in the moment. Many times, cellphones and technology can be a distraction from our children or partners. Although having things like Skype and Facetime is a blessing during this stay-at-home order so we can stay in contact with our friends and family outside the home, people are talking to each other again! Think about this; since spending more time at home, have you learned anything new about your family members? Just the other day I did a word exercise with my three-year-old and I was FLOORED by how much he knew!

Another positive aspect of quarantine-life is that people are using their creativity that has been locked away since their endeavors up the corporate ladder. I’m seeing people sharing their artwork on social media, a lot of people beginning blogging, and others tinkering more in their garages. There’s a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment when you begin and complete an original project. Three months ago, a lot of your folks would have said “I don’t have time to pursue this” or “I’m not good enough to make that”. Look at you guys now! Pursuing and making! It’s incredible.

So, even though it’s stressful to think about how long we’ll be stuck in our homes and what the world is going to look like in a few months there are a few things to smile about. It’s important to remember that you create your mood for every single day and what you choose to focus on is how you will feel. If you catch yourself spiraling into some depressing and scary thoughts about coronavirus, go make some sweet tea. Play make-believe with your toddler. Whatever you do, do it with your full attention. It’s going to get better. 😊

P.S. – I’d love your feedback! How are you guys coping with the stay-at-home order? What kinds of things are you and your family doing to keep your sanity?