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My Guiding Light looks like peace and gratitude. I do not believe in a ‘man in the sky’ or necessarily identify with any particular religion. However, I do find good advice and a sense of comfort at times in some aspects of organized religion. When I am seeking solace, feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I try to remember a key phrase of AA. ‘Acceptance is the answer to all my problems’, and I am only human. It calms me to meditate and even to pray. When I pray, I do begin it with ‘God’, but instead of the Christian or Catholic version of God I have a different take. It’s more ‘spirit of the universe’ and feeling-based on serenity and connectedness to the energy of everything. This works for me because I believe in the law of attraction.        

               The idea that my life (and others’) is meaningless does not work for me. How incredible is this planet? How amazing that we are evolved mammals with a conscious of self on a giant rock that ‘knows how to rotate on it’s axis and follow a defined path while it hurtles through space’?! I can feel my feelings, can learn and grow mentally, physically, and emotionally and I can connect with other beings. Those are all miracles to me that my guiding light has provided.

“I am the Master of My Universe”

               Positive energy and the desire to be a woman that is grounded, grateful, and genuinely good is essential to me. In this world, there is good and evil, and because I believe we create our own destiny. I actively try to choose good; and I must believe that something greater than myself is responsible for that. I have a choice of who I am in this life and how I view my reality. My Higher Power is a guiding force.

               Life is too difficult, beautiful, and unpredictable for me to think that all of this was a happy accident. It’s important to me to have an appreciation of life and stay present in the moments of joy I experience. I am grateful for inspiration and passion and I believe in a cosmic energy that we all share, much like a heartbeat.

              I recently wrote a post about where my heart is guiding me. Other than stereotypical hope, strength, and love, I am literally fighting for my life. I need something to hold on to. I need My Guiding Light to get through this. What does your Higher Power look like?

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  1. I love this post. Such a beautiful way to look at life. I grew up catholic and was told what to believe in but as I got older I started believing my own thing because a man floating in the sky, looking over us seemed a little far fetched to me. And I definitley didnt want to believe what science tells us, that this is all one big cosmic mistake and we got lucky.. So, I read more about energy and the cosmic world and I feel like we are all connected in ways. I pray to some sort of spiritual energy that seems to guide me through life as well. Maybe our connected energies is “God”? Maybe there is one specific entity that created it all. We will never really know and it’s kind or scary but kind of exciting at the same time. Thank you for sharing, you really got me thinking. I’ll be back to your blog to read more.

  2. Thanks for sharing from the heart! I am a Christian, so I believe in Jesus Christ and he’s my guiding light! Were you raised Catholic? Hope it’s okay for me to ask!

  3. I don’t drink, but I do know the Serenity Prayer that AA uses has helped me in anxious situations. I hope it helps you!

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