Independent, strong, confident women!

That is the inspiration for my next project. I plan to do multiple interviews with several women from all kinds of backgrounds in the coming weeks. Luckily, a friend of mine agreed to interview for this project and share her story about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Meet Sasha !

Sasha Bernstein is a Mary Kay Consultant, and a very good one at that. She has been consulting for a little over a year, and has had quite the journey in entrepreneurship. She currently has a team of twenty other young women, all of whom have found confidence and success with the Mary Kay brand. I had the pleasure of doing a facial with her the other night and learned so much!

I have some serious skin issues, which messes with my confidence daily. Redness, blotchiness, and unpredictable acne trouble me on a regular basis. I have always tried to find thick foundation to hide my short-comings and have purchased MANY cleansers over the years and nothing has seemed to help. During the facial with Sasha, I have discovered a new product that she swears by. She has had several clients with the same issues as mine (I am not alone!) and the Charcoal Mask by Mary Kay has worked for them! I have got mine on order! You can get yours here !

Sasha is a wife, mother of three, and runs a successful business from home with Mary Kay. In just one year she has become the top recruiter in Indiana! How many women can say they have had that much accomplishment at their careers in that short of time? Pretty remarkable. When I asked Sasha why she does what she does, she smiled and said, “my two goals were to reach women and make money”.

For many mothers, it is difficult to have a job and feel like you are putting enough effort in parenting at the same time (I certainly feel this way). With Mary Kay, being a stay-at-home mom and a career-woman at the same time is MORE than possible. Sasha said the Mary Kay brand really resonated with her because it is about God first, Family second, and Career third.

Sasha and I spoke about how Mary Kay has affected her life. “It has definitely brought me so much emotional fulfillment and awareness in my personal life. It has even strengthened my marriage! I wanted to use Mary Kay to spread the love,” she said. Similar to myself and my blog I definitely related to Sasha when she said “I wanted something that was my own”. Mary Kay gives women everywhere an opportunity to have something of their very own (that can bring them a paycheck) and create a bonded community of like-minded individuals. Sasha’s favorite part of her Mary Kay journey has been the people and her team. “We all work our businesses so differently, but we’re all supportive and very connected.”

If you’re ready to begin your journey toward success, Sasha has an amazing deal for you !

I’d love to hear feedback from you guys and your personal experience with Mary Kay, so please leave a comment below! Sasha is also available for any questions and consultations !

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