Being a mom is hard. Working full-time while being a mom is hard. At the end of the day, on almost every day, my mind and body are absolutely spent. I wake up between four and five each morning and start my day with my three-year-old, go to my place of work and bust by buns trying to advance my career, come home to cook dinner and nuture my relationship with my boyfriend, play with my son, and by the time eight o’clock rolls around I’m ready to go to bed after the little one is tucked in. I don’t have many hobbies and I certainly don’t go out much.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a top-notch journalist. I dreamt of writing hard-hitting articles, reporting for a reputable news station, and being a best-selling author like Carrie Bradshaw. Today, I just want to make it to Friday at my nine to five. My motivation has dwindled, my vision for who I would be by thirty has completely derailed, and I’ve found that as of late, I even lack to the simple desire to do the things I once enjoyed. Such is life, I suppose.

Lately I’ve begun to feel a little incomplete as if something is missing. I’ve been reflecting on the twenty-year-old me and all the ambitions I used to have. To be honest, I’ve noticed a tinge of jealousy as James (my boyfriend) makes things with his 3D printer and crafts bespoke rings. He has a lot of different hobbies. He has the energy to get up and create something! I looked at him and said to myself “why can’t I make something?” I wanted to have something to call my own and that I could be proud of. Thus, a blog was born!

The true purpose of my blog is so that I will have something of my very own. The second is, of course, to make money. I want my hobby to be profitable. I’d like to spend that extra money on Zane, investing in my future, and of course, the occasional Michael Kors bag.

I also want my readers to be able to relate. I’d like to build a community of like-minded individuals. I want my writing to clearly convey my message but also open a door for conversation. That’s where prosperity and abundance truly grow. Opportunity is just around every corner and perhaps with my blog, I could be a bridge for others to link up and create magic!

I feel like starting this blog is my journey into self-care and entrepreneurship. I’ve always enjoyed writing; I just haven’t made time for it lately. I’ve also always wanted to start my own business. This may be the best of both worlds!

At the mention of starting a blog, my significant other praised the idea, my mother said “oh Hope, you don’t want to do that”, and 3 people commented on a Facebook post saying that they would actually read it. Mixed signals. I know that not everyone I talk to will share my enthusiasm about my venture, but I was hoping for some support from my mom. She enjoys writing too and has toyed with the idea of writing a children’s book about a squirrel named Quack- Quack. It may just be that she doesn’t fully understand “blogging” or how it works, but she was definite in saying that I don’t want to put myself out there and that people are cruel and would bring me down. My reply? “You’re bringing me down right now!”, as my dad chuckles. I don’t intend on posting sensitive information or writing about trigger-topics, but there’s a realness that I must give my readers. They need to know that I’m a real person, with real problems, who makes real mistakes, and who isn’t afraid to be open and honest about it. That’s the human experience.

I suppose the best time to write is at four in the morning when you and your son have been awake for two hours. I told myself last night that I was going to get up early and write anyway, so here I am. Thoughts this morning? Fear of starting a blog. Is anyone even going to read it? If people do read it, what will they say? My mother may be right in the idea I’m subjecting myself to criticism, but I think one of the biggest fears is failure that my opinions and thoughts aren’t relevant. I tell myself “it doesn’t matter if no one reads this, I’m doing this for myself” but, I really want people to gravitate to the blog. I want to write about interesting topics and start conversations.

If you read this, thank you! I hope you continue with me on this new journey!

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  1. I love you way much and I am super proud of you and your ability to use words! I know writting is a love and passion for you! It’s my opinion that putting things “out there” is good for the soul!!! Grab those dreams, be the best version of you that you can possibly be!!! You’ve always been a star in my sky!

  2. Hope I’m proud of you! And I know your mom is to…. mothers just want to protect their babies at all costs! I think its awesome and that you should always pursue your dreams nomatter what others think or say…. I would definitely follow your blog!!!!

  3. 100% felt this while reading. It is so hard being a boss babe mom. Trying to find that happy medium between everything while still taking the time for self care. Its hard. Like real hard. My outlet is to read. If sitting down and writing for 10, 15, or even 60 minutes lets you escape then do it!! Good luck and I loom forward to reading!

  4. I’m glad you’re doing something for yourself! And no, your Mom doesn’t understand blogging, and yes, she is afraid that you might get hurt. You have an understanding now of how fiercely we protect our children, believe it or not, that never changes. I hope this blog brings you much fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

  5. Bruh I had no clue what a mom went thru till I got laid off due to this Corona bs.
    I think it’s bad ass that u can find time to work care after your kids and manage to write a blog, that in itself is a accomplishment. 👏

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