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Personal development and coping requires healthy activities. Here are 5 Habits to a Healthier You to Try Today!


  • This does not mean you have to go out for a 5k in thirty-degree weather. This could simply mean doing ten push-ups or squats a day. OR fifteen minutes of yoga. Buy a yoga mat OR taking a leisurely walk in nature. The point is consistency, getting those endorphins flowing, and taking responsibility for our health. Exercise does not have to be a daunting or grueling task. If you need peace and serenity, stretch it out. If you want your blood pumping, do that P90X video. Just get moving!

Make a List

  • Getting organized works for me to promote my sobriety and focus on my goals. This is my go-to coping skill. List-making gives me a sense of fulfillment and sometimes, much like a good cup of coffee, the illusion of productivity. The Boss Babe Chronicles Blog is an excellent resource to get organized!

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

  • I wake up every morning and write down three things that I am grateful for. This instills a positive mentality for my day, connects me deeper with my Higher Power, and helps me remember some of the reasons that I am in recovery. One of my favorite books is The Secret . It speaks on the Law of Attraction and how what you think about, you bring about. In early recovery and in active addiction, we tend to speak to ourselves negatively, look for reasons to be unhappy, and focus very selfishly. Taking time each day to practice gratitude gives you an abundant mindset. If you want good things to come your way, send that attitude of gratitude out into the universe!


  • First, close your eyes and in your mind’s eye envision all of your thoughts and worries in one big scrambled mess. Remove that catastrophe of thoughts. Take each one and slowly hurl it into a vast darkness. Now you can focus your attention into your body and your breathing. In this space, you can pin-point where any tension and stress may lie. Use your breath to release that negativity. Mindfulness is a huge part of sobriety. Being aware of your thoughts, feelings and physical ailments will help you in times of stress and weakness. If you can learn to take time to calm your overactive mind, you can succeed in your journey of recovery. I love Jason Stephenson; my favorite is here.


  • Writing for me is one of my coping mechanisms! Not everything I write is an A+ essay, worthy of a literary award, or even publishable for the blog. Journaling soothes my anxieties and helps me collect my thoughts. Some days I simply write about what my brain has been thinking lately. It’s all about therapy. In recovery, it’s important to be able to see your progress and growth. Taking note of how you were thinking and feeling in early sobriety can be motivation to stay on track. If you’re interested in reading some of my personal prompts, click HERE.

I hope you find these 5 Habits to a Healthier You to Try Today helpful! I use them all the time. There also many great resources for activities and hobbies to try. Aside from journaling, my other favorites are crafting with my cricut, reading self-help books, and service work.

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